Spirituality of the Shabad Guru, Part 2: Online Course (Jan-Mar 2018)

Build your Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty through the Shabad Guru

The Shabad Guru is the sound current of Divine, Infinite Vibration, Naad.  This sound current penetrates through every cell of our being to bring deep, lasting upliftment and grace.  When we fill with this vibration, our spirit shines in glorious radiance. 


Part 2 of the Shabad Guru Course focuses on building this Radiant Spiritual Sovereignty inside of ourselves so that we can shine through our lives and inspire others to do so as well.


This is an online course, with twelve sessions every Sunday morning.  There will be six class sessions, alternated with practice sessions to help integrate and take in the lessons. 


The journey is experiential and builds our divinity, as we will be connecting with our Infinite Vibration, our Divine spirit that shines in each of us, to come through and flow more deeply in our lives.


  1. Bringing our Prayer (Ardaas) – We begin the course through an opening of Ardaas (Prayer), where each student will connect with their heart's longing, i.e. what is bringing them to the feet of the Guru.  From there, we will connect with this prayer throughout the entire course, as we deepen our practice through applying these tools and methods for our spiritual development.  

  2. Empowering our Mental Vibration (Dhyaan & Pratyahaar) – we look at the ways our mind serves us and hampers our goals, and the tools needed to synchronize with our Creator. A magnet covered in rubber doesn’t attract anything; we must be clear and focused to achieve results.

  3. Vibrating the Divine through our Heart (Simran) – we create a vibration of our heart to remember the Divine in each moment. Simran is a state of consciousness which comes after building Japa, Prayer and practicing Raaj Yoga.  It is a constant remembrance of the divine within all. We will build this vibration and let it permeate each aspect of our being and our environment

  4. Contemplating our Soul’s Journey (Veechaar) –We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience.  On this journey our soul has a lesson plan that is always working to expand our consciousness.  As we become aware of these lessons we can connect further to  understand the shifts happening in our lives and see what the soul is contemplating through our human experience.  

  5. Building our Divine Trust (Bhrosa) – At the end of the course, we will see how a deep and abiding Bhrosa (Trust) with our Infinity allows us to experience the Guru inside. 

  6. Connecting with our Divine Purpose (Seva) – we open to receive the purpose for which we were brought here to serve, and allow the Guru to guide our purpose in this life.  


Who is this Course Designed for?

This course is the second part of a two part series on the Spirituality of the Shabad Guru, and is designed for students who are familiar with the concepts covered in Part 1. It is highly recommended that you take Part 1 before Part 2, if you are not familiar with the concepts of Guru, Shabad Guru, Jaap, Bhajan, Sunniai & Gurmukh.   Learn more about Part 1 here and register to take this course anytime.


This is a very practical course with real life studies, so each student will bring forth a situation from their own lives that needs to be addressed, or an issue they are studying.  During the course of the class, these concepts will be applied,  giving a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation. 


Course Dates & Times

  • Class Dates:  January 7th through March 25th (12 weeks)

  • Class Times: Sundays from 9 am to 10:30 am, Pacific Time

  • Extra Homework: There will be meditation and self-reflection homework to do daily during this 80-day course period.


The sessions on Sunday will alternate between a Class Session, with one the topics above, and a Practice Session, on the same topic, for discussion and integration. Students are encouraged to watch the first class session live, or on video, and come to the Practice Session ready for discussion.


Classes will be recorded to watch again later, or make up if you are unable to attend a live class. For the full effects of the course, it is recommended that you attend the practice sessions live.



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