Shabad Guru on the Spiritual Path: Part 1, Online Course ~ 7 Class Series (Self Paced)

Deepen your Relationship with the Shabad Guru with Jaap (Recitation), Bhajan (Singing) & Sunneai (Listening)

Create an opportunity to build your spirit and invite the Guru into your daily life.  Life is not meant to be hard.  It is only when we think we are doing it ourselves and then have to face challenges.  Actually God is the Doer and we need to connect with our spirit to lead the way.  Building a relationship with the Guru in every facet of life, and knowing how to treat our problems with the Shabad Guru is the first step to building this relationship of divinity on your spiritual path.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the Guru, as a spiritual concept, and the Shabad Guru.  Real ways to utilize these in daily life to build our connection with spirit.
  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Jaap (recitation) to build the Tapas (spiritual heat) and strengthening the command center of the body
  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Bhajan (singing from the heart) to open the heart and lift the spirit to Infinity
  • Utilizing the Shabad Guru with Sunneai (listening from the soul) to deepen connection with our spirit, and build ether quality to overcome life’s challenges
  • Understand how to live as Gurmukh (attunement to the Guru) vs. a Manmukh (listenging to our ego to guide the way)
  • Explore the format, sources and authors of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Shabad Guru) and understand how this came into being.

Each student will bring forth a situation or case from their lives that needs to be addressed.  During the course of the class, these methods will be applied,  to give a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life.  

At the end of the course,  students bring their learning to apply a unique 'prescription' so that they know how to treat themselves and others in the future, by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation.

Note: this course is the first part of a two part series on building a fundamental connection with the Shabad Guru. Part 2 is scheduled to start a week after this course finishes.

Format: Online Webinar with the option to connect via phone or online audio.  Classes are recorded for future viewing, in case you need to skip a class or are on another time zone to watch it later.  

Dates: Self Paced



Self-Paced ($108.00)

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September 07, 2017 - October 19, 2017 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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