Shabad Guru Course Level 1: Live Event in Espanola, NM

Deepen your Relationship with the Shabad Guru with Jaap (Recitation), Bhajan (Singing) & Sunneai (Listening)

Create an opportunity to build your spirit and invite the Guru into your daily life.  Life is not meant to be hard.  It is only when we think we are doing it ourselves and then have to face challenges.  Actually God is the Doer and we need to connect with our spirit to lead the way.  Building a relationship with the Guru in every facet of life, and knowing how to treat our problems with the Shabad Guru is the first step to building this relationship of divinity.

We'll explore the ways of understanding and deepening our practice through the Steps of Elevation (Gur, Guru, Satguru, Siri Guru, Waheguru) as well as with the first three steps of meditation

  1. Jaap (recitation) to build the Tapas (spiritual heat) and strengthening the command center of the body
  2. Bhajan (singing from the heart) to open the heart and lift the spirit to Infinity
  3. Sunneai (soul listening) to deepen connection with our spirit, and build ether quality

We will also cover how to build a relationship with the Shabad Guru in a practical way that allows us to be excellent in our lives and meet our destiny.  This includes how to live as Gurmukh (attunement to the Guru) vs. a Manmukh (listenging to our ego to guide the way).

This is a very practical course with real life studies, so each student will bring forth a situation from their own lives that needs to be addressed, or an issue they are studying.  During the course of the class, these steps will be applied,  giving a practical experience of the Shabad Guru in daily life by inviting the Guru in and applying the Shabad Guru to any situation. There is homework including meditation and self-reflection during the week between each class.

The course will be covered over three Saturday mornings from 9am - 1pm on March 11th, 18th and 25th at the Gurdwara in Espanola, NM. Please com early on the first Saturday morning to register and collect your manual.  

Who can attend: This course is open to beginners and experienced Sikhs alike.  There are concepts that are lovely to discover and re-discover that assist with many levels of experience.  You are welcome to join regardless of your past experience.  

Cost: Course fees are by donation to the Gurdwara.  There is a mandatory $11 fee to purchase a manual, but the rest can be written as a check or cash to 'HGRD Gurdwara'.  Suggested donation is $108 for all three days, but any amount is welcome.   Please register below and sign up to pay for the manual, then bring your donation for the Guru to class.  

The course covers a sequential series of steps which provides benefits for taking each the three day courses.  However, if you can only attend one or two days you are welcome to do so for the experience of connecting with the Guru.

Note: This course is part of a 3 Level Series, with completion of one level required to start the second and third. Level 2 will be offered in June before Summer Solstice. Everyone who completes Level 1 as well as Ministers and long term Sikh Dharma members are welcome to attend Level 2.  

Please contact GuruKirin Kaur at with any questions.  See you there!

Registration with Manual Purchase ($11.00)

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March 11, 2017 - March 25, 2017 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Espanola, New Mexico USA